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Our recommended noodles.
We sell the variety of noodles such as Udon, Soba, Ramen, Yakisoba and etc.
All noodles are made by using selected water and materials.
Please try our “easy to eat and tasty noodles”.

山芋入り和そばJapanese soba with yam

品名: 山芋入り和そば
原材料名: 小麦粉・そば粉・やまいも粉末・澱粉・酒精・酸味料(カニ由来)・甘味料
内容量: 150g
保存方法: 要冷蔵(10℃以下)
消費期限: 裏面上部に記載保存方法3~10℃内で保存してください
使用上の注意: 消費期限内にお召し上がり下さい
Product Name: Japanese soba with yam

Materials: Flour・Buckwheat・Powdered Yam・Starch・Alcohol・acidulant(derived from crab)・Sweetener

Servings per container: 150g

Preservation: Keep refrigerated. (Under 10 degrees Celsius.)

Expiry date: printed on the package