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Our recommended noodles.
We sell the variety of noodles such as Udon, Soba, Ramen, Yakisoba and etc.
All noodles are made by using selected water and materials.
Please try our “easy to eat and tasty noodles”.

A-35:手のべ素麺つゆセットA-35:Tenobe Somen (Hand-Stretched Somen Noodles) variety pack with Soup

●白棒状素麺: 小麦粉(国内製造)、食塩、食用ごま油
●白玉素麺: 小麦粉(国内製造)、食塩、食用ごま油
●白丸素麺: 小麦粉(国内製造)、食塩、食用ごま油
●みかん素麺: 小麦粉(国内製造)、食塩、みかんペースト(うんしゅうみかん、ph調整剤)、食用ごま油/着色料(カロチノイド)、香料
●ダークみかん素麺: 小麦粉(国内製造)、食塩、みかんペースト(うんしゅうみかん、ph調整剤)、食用ごま油/着色料(クチナシ)、香料
●めんつゆ: 砂糖、しょうゆ、食塩、かつおぶしエキス、発酵調味料、こんぶエキス/調味料(アミノ酸等)、カラメル色素(一部に小麦・大豆を含む)
内容量: 白棒状素麺300g×3、白玉素麺60g×4、白丸素麺50g×4、みかん素麺50g×2、ダークみかん素麺50g×2、めんつゆ60g×10
賞味期限: 右に記載
保存方法: 直射日光、高温多湿を避けて保存して下さい。
調理方法: 箱の中のしおりに記載
製造者: 愛媛県上浮穴郡久万高原町東川428番地
     ㈱新栄食品 美川素麺工場
     TEL (0892)57-0316


●White Rod-shaped Somen: Flour (made in Japan)、Salt、sesame oil
●Sirotama Somen: Flour(made in Japan)、Salt、Sesame Oil
●Shiromaru Somen: Flour (made in Japan)、Salt、sesame oil
●Mikan Somen: Flour (made in Japan)、Salt、sesame oil、Mandarin paste(Citrus unshiu、pH adjuster)、Food coloring(Carotenoid)、Perfume essence.
●Dark Mikan Somen: Flour (made in Japan)、Salt、sesame oil、Mandarin paste(Citrus unshiu、pH adjuster)、Food coloring(Gardenia)、Perfume essence.
●Soup: Sugar(made in Japan)、Soy sauce、Salt、Bonito broth、Fermented seasoning、Kelp(including wheat and soy)
Servings per container: White Rod-shaped Somen 300g×3, Sirotama Somen 60g×4, Siromaru Somen 50g×4, Mikan Somen 50g ×2, Dark Mikan Somen 50g×2, Soup 60g×10
Expiration Date: On the right side of the package
Preservation: Store in a cool, dry place away from the direct sunlight.
Cooking method: Please read a guide in a box
Manufactured for : Mikawa Somen Noodle Facility of Shinei Shokuhin Co.,Ltd.
428 Higashigawa, Kumakougen-chou, Kamiukena-gun, Ehime
TEL (0892)57-0316

*We are manufacturing products including soba and eggs at the facility manufactured his product.